Tulín River


Summer in Costa Rica is stunningly beautiful. I adore the colors, aromas, and the overall feel of the air. Yesteray morning promised that it was going to be a gorgeous, clear day, and so it was! A few REJUNTADOS and I went over to Puriscal, then to the Tulín river.


Breakfast at Soda Santa Marta
At La Gloria, about to head over to Tulín.



I got a flat tire, but it was a nice experience for me. First, because I had six handsome gentlemen to keep me company. Second, the tire-changing guy, Luis, was missing a leg, and I asked him about it. He was happy and grateful to tell me his story. We connected. I will pay him a visit next time I am on that road. And, last, two Scarlett Macaws flew overhead while we were there. Life is full of little miracles!




At the river Tulín, our guest’s bike (Jose Carlos on his GS 1200) got some water in the motor crossing the river. Between all of them, they got it started again. 🙂

There was a bar/restaurant there by the river!! Perfect.

The road from Tulín out to the highway is mostly paved now. Really nice! Still wild and with picturesque curves. I highly recommend it. (See previous post: LINK.)

Then, our friend Bernard took us to a lovely beach restaurant in Esterillos Este. Another welcome surprise!!RestaurantLunch3

Amazing, huge old Beach Almond trees. 


Amazing weather, fantastic views, great company, and lots of fun. Life is better with a motorcycle…and wonderful riding buddies!! How is it I am so lucky!!?!!


Song. Obviously: Life is better with you.



Date: February 23, 2020


Quick note! We also took a trip through Pacayas, Turrialba recently (Sunday 16 Feb), to come out at La Herediana and head over to Sarapiquí, then home via Vara Blanca. Quite a day! This is the trip where I learned about the culture of group riding: once a route is set, it is set. We don’t do a Plan B. We ride that original route, rain or shine! Good to know and to accept. And I have! We had a great time, despite the rain and fog. 🙂


I am grateful to have riding buddies, and to ride with them, regardless of bad weather. Hahaha! All part of the adventure, the way of life, of riding in Costa Rica!




And little Storm! (my Honda XR 250 Tornado) somehow manages to ride along with the big ones! Who would have thought?!


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