We can’t dance together (C-19)

Covid-19 arrived in Costa Rica on March 6, 2020.


Today is March 21, and I am starting self-quarantine, to the best of my ability.


No more riding. Even though TO ME, this does not make sense. Sunlight kills the virus, and I would not be in physical contact with anyone. BUT, my riding friends discourage it, so I will follow Ministry of Health guidelines.  I will stay at home. This is no time to be self indulgent outdoors. Indoors, well I will find a way to make this a gift to myself.


The Earth is breathing better with us humans tucked away at home. When this is over, may work and meet-at-home-via-webinars stay in place to continue to reduce traffic. 🙂

May we all stay safe.
May our better natures come forth.
May we love and be loved…without touching…for just a little while.
May economic collapse be prevented, and , if not, may a new world order emerge. 🙂
May much surprising and delightful good come from all this.

I will have to feel the beauty, know the love, and live the power by embracing all the beauty in my new home in Atenas, and hopefully doing some “Fun Art NOT Fine Art.” 🙂


I call this Coronavirus C19, which inevitably reminds me of Steely Dan’s Hey 19. So this is the song for this morning. “No we can’t dance together…” 🙂



😦 Always hard to see my bikes parked at home. 🙂



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