Do Not Enter

My favorite opening line for a poem is “April is the cruelest month” by T.S. Eliot. This April has been both cruel and…well…interesting!!


In fact, all of 2020 has been intense so far. From having to clear out two houses in Heredia to move to this little (and beloved) home in Atenas, to Coronavirus, two traumatic medical procedures, and an odd (private) situation in which I find myself.


Fortunately, I have allowed myself a few short trips (detours I call them) and last Thursday, April 30th, I treated myself to a trip to Bajos del Toro, then up to Sarchí. Riding continues to be the one thing that fills my heart and soul with peace and joy!

IMG_20200430_093817 (1)

On my way, though it is risky during this pandemic, I could not resist stopping at the Mirador de Cinchona restaurant for some delicious Tamales and to see the birds. Here is a video of an Esmeral Toucanettee, which one often sees at this restaurant. (It was too foggy to see the waterfall though.)

I then decided to head to Bajos del Toro and check out the road to Sarchí.


I just love the trip from Rio Cuarto to Bajos del Toro. So quaint!


I decided to take the alternate route rather than the steep, direct one. Not sure why since going up a steep hill doesn’t stress me out as much as going down.


When will they open this new road? It’s been YEARS!!

On the road to Sarchí, when in the risky part, I remembered how there are certain roads I don’t ride during the rainy season, due to possible land or rock slides. This road is one of them! Hahaha! Oh well. I made it out just fine. And, happily, I did not get rained on! Yay!


Fresh air and happiness boost our immune system. 🙂 Thats why I simply had to


Song: Once again, They call me the breeze. 🙂


Date of ride: April 30, 2020.


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