How do you make God laugh? Make a plan. (Route 319 Turrubares)

The Sahara Dust Cloud over Costa Rica.

On Friday, June 26th, two friends were taking a ride to Jaco, and I was to join them. As I waited for them at a view point near La Casita del Cafe, I saw Maggie Lee Burke ride by. The first time I saw Maggie on her BMW GS 1200, with all her leathers and high-heel boots, I said to a friend, “I think I am in love, and I am not even gay.” Hahaha!


Rather than wait at the view point, I rode over to the restaurant where she and her friends were, and was happy to see another friend, Diego Cervantez.   He is a talented filmmaker who makes entertaining motorcycle-related videos. How fun it is to see friends on the road!


After waiting about 45 minutes for my original friends to show up, I decided to head out on my own. Sadly, they turned up about 15 minutes later and had breakfast there. Had I known, I would have waited. Oh well. So it goes.  I had another fun adventure anyhow. 🙂


Down at Orotina, I decided to head on over to La Tigre for breakfast. But once there, I decided to cross the Turrubares river and head up route 319. (Laughing again at the way  I just go with my flow!!)

It was easy to cross this little section of the Turrubares river to get onto Route 319.
The Sulai Quarry across the way.


Stopping to take a photo of a mountain, I was delighted to discover that some Red Macaws were up on a huge Guanacaste tree behind me. Riding in Costa Rica is pure heaven on Earth at times. (Video.)


Route 319 is a short, but sweet gravel road that leads back to route 137 via San Pedro de Turrubares. At some point, there are some curves uphill with a bit of washout, but all doable and exciting.


Coming out at San Pablo, I went to have brunch at El Fogón de Doña Emilse, my favorite little shack on this route. I was sure hungry!


And then I decided to head home the shortest way, via 707 to Highway 27 and up to Atenas. I had a Focusing circle at 2 p.m. As I mentioned in another post, route 707 is now paved all the way to 27, and they are working on paving it to Atenas. It is mostly complete.


Highway 27 across the way from route 707

Friday’s bridges were/are outer symbols for inner bridges I am crossing, from one paradigm to the next, one past-patterned landscape to the yet-to-be-created new continent of being. 🙂 True story.

And, since I am in a persoanl phase of transformation, the appropriate song for my grief is River of Tears, letting it carry me to where it will.  Meanwhile:


Out on my Honda XL 200, my “Honda Tropical.” 🙂


Date of ride, June 26, 2020.

Yes. Third ride in one week. 🙂 Keeping me sane during these insane times of 2020!!


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