First week of July (Tivives and Los Santos)

Coronavirus is now in community spread mode in Costa Rica. This means it is best not to venture out of the house. However, I had booked two nights at a cabin in the South Pacific, so I am going there today. This may be my last trip for a while. I feel odd even going, for I know people consider leaving the house other than for necesities “selfish and irresponsible.”

I did go on two rides last week, one to Playa Tivives and one with some friends to Los Santos.IMG_20200630_065024

I enjoyed spending time at the beach, in the quiet beauty. And I did collect some redish colored driftwood.


I had breakfast in Caldera once again, and came home through La Ceiba. 🙂 A quick four-hour trip to make the whole crazy-making situation more bearable.


I admit I have a hard time with masks. I have s strong sense of “NO” when I put them on and even when I look at myself wearing one. I think they touch into deeper “NO”s. Ugh. But, wear them I do, of course. I may do a post of all my masks! Hahaha! And am tempted to write a poem about “the masks that we wear.”LaCeiba

I also thoroughly enjoyed my ride with friends to Los Santos. Such a gorgeous part of the country, with stunning views.


We wore masks and physically distanced at the restaurant.


However, biker groups are now discouraging group rides and encouraging only riding alone, which I do most of the time anyhow. I was happy to be with friends, though frustrated to not be able to hug, and yet also accept that these times call for more isolation. So it goes.

Anyhow, even in the midst of world-wide catastrophe, one can still



Anyhow, I am heading out the door now for my next adventure. With very little sleep. 😦 But the fresh air will enliven my body, heart, mind, and soul…so all is well! Enjoy your day.


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