Fortunate during misfortune (South Pacific. Day 1, San Isidro loop.)

Hello everyone.

Despite a sense that I was doing something “wrong” by indulging myself with another ride (while many stay home in quarantine), I booked two nights in Playa Hermosa, between Dominical and Uvita, earlier this week to go riding. I am glad I did because most of the country is now in Orange Alert lockdown, only able to drive one weekday and one Saturday or Sunday.

On Tuesday morning, with the moon in front of me and a lovely sunrise behind me, I headed out.


Along the way, I took several detours to different beaches to take in their beauty and peace. The entrances to most beaches are delightful. I will post several photos in this and the next post.


Road to La Parcela Restaurant in Dominicalito


Entrance to Playa Hermosa

I was grateful to find a place open in Dominical for breakfast. The waiter was quite handsome and charming…plus he was a bike rider. Hahaha! I enjoyed a double capuccino and the delicious whole-grain ciabatta bread.


After dropping off my bags in my cabin, I took off to backtrack to Dominical, head up to San Isidro, then loop back around to Palmar Norte so that I could ride along the breathtaking Terraba River.

Nearing San Isidro


Before heading down, I stopped for lunch, grateful during these times to find places that are open.



I wonder what it is about waterways (rivers, waterfalls, oceans) that stirs our soul so much? I was thrilled to follow the curves of this gorgeous river and wish I was better able to trust the river of life. 🙂


I took many photos of the river and enjoyed this wild road down to Palmar Norte.


The day ended with a nice sunset from my cabin in the mountains of Hermosa. It was a 10.5 hour day, and I was glad to rest since I had not slept well the night before.


Riding in Costa Rica:
Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power.


Song: Many rivers to cross. 


I will now write another post about the next day, when I headed down to Puerto Jimenez.

Love your life: ride!






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