South Pacific Day Two: Jimenez

On Wednesday, July 8, 2020, I headed down to Puerto Jimenez. The road there is lovely, with fun curves and great views.




On the way out, I went to Playa Sándalo and Playa Blanca. One of the best things about the area are all the Red Macaws everywhere, enjoying the Beach Almond trees. What a treat it is to see them!



I loved Playa Blanca and hope to stay there someday as I make a trip to Drake Bay!



On the way back, I went onto the road that goes to Drake Bay.


I was happy to discover that the road is in good condition, easy-to-ride gravel.


However, a friend suggested I NOT go to Drake because if it were to rain, the rivers would grow, and I would be stuck there. I followe his advice and turned around.CreekDrake

On the way home, I decided to check out Playa Ventanas, since the day was still young.


After crossing this little creek and heading down to Ventanas, Storm died. I could not get her started.Ventanas

I called for help, and along came Don Gilbert. We had to push Storm up the hill to an embankment in order to load her onto his truck. I almost had a heart attack doing so! Hahaha!LoadingStorm

I enjoyed Don Gil and only wish he wore his face mask correctly. I am going to have to start asking people to keep their distance and to please wear their masks, even if they don’t like my request. Coronavirus is a serious threat to all of us.DonGilPowerAnimal

My power animal kept us company to Uvita where the Ramirez guys fixed Storm.Ramirez

Yeah. I love the beauty and adventure of riding. I also like interacting with people, especially nowadays when I spend most of my time alone. There are so many places I want to visit and the reality is that due to the Pandemic, it might be a few years till we enjoy the freedoms we once took for granted. It’s heartbreaking.

In the meantime, I will ride when and while I can, even if I have to keep it secret!

Riding in Costa Rica:
Feel the Beauty. Know the love. Live the power.




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