Heading Home to full lockdown

As I said, I felt odd being out and about when so many were on lockdown, though there is no reason for me not to ride, since I do it alone and (mostly) take precautions when interacting socially. I am glad I went because much of Costa Rica went on full lockdown on Friday July 10, 2020, due to the community spread of Covid 19.

On the way home, I enjoyed Zooming full speed down the straightaways of the highway at 5:30 a.m. with no one on the road. It was a strange, surreal out-of-body experience, like a dream. I enjoyed it.


Heading home, I detoured off to enjoy the lovely Barú river for a few mintues.


Then I treated myself to a delicious breakfast at Alma del Pacifico hotel, and enjoyed the ocean view from my table.


I also detoured off to Manuel Antonio. Odd to see no one in town.


And, finally, I visited Playa Agujas to rest for a few minutes.


Yes. Freedom. Bikes gift us with freedom, but only if we take it. People worry about my riding alone, but better to ride alone than not ride. I love life due to riding. It makes one come alive!

Now I am home, alone, in lockdown. Can’t ride other than to the supermarket or pharmacy in town. And, that’s OK. I have no choice but to accept what is. Just hope things do get under control soon, but I doubt it. This virus is here to stay for a while. Sadly.



Song: Wondering where the lions are. 



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