A3 License on August 10, 2020!

I am happy to announce that I got my A3 motorcycle license on Monday, August 10, 2020! This means I can ride motorcycles over 500CC. I don’t need it for Sahara, but it feels like I am moving up to the next level of riding having reached both goals: a new motorcycle and the A3 license.


I went to San Ramon to take the test, where I had already practiced on a Yamaha XT 600, which was easy for me to ride because the position is one with which I am comfortable.


Since I got there early, I had a snack at a little Soda, where the lady suggested I drink Te de Tilo to calm my nerves. 🙂

Felix showing me a body position for tight turns

Having practiced with my Sensei Felix Franco in the past on different motorcycles, and doing it on a motorcycle that works for me, the test was a piece of cake. Here is a video of me practicing with Felix. 

Lunch at the Choza de Doña Emilce in Los Angeles

I had to wait an hour and 20 minutes for the test, since they wanted to have a group to evaluate. Then, after the test, they told me I had to wait an hour and 15 minutes before I could get my license while the photo people went to lunch. So, I also went to lunch and then for a short ride on a side road, to which I hope to return some day to complete it up to the 703 ridge.



New gorgeous motorcycle, A3 license. Now all I need is a single, mature, motorcycle rider, chef, boyfriend who has a house on the beach, and I will be in Seventh Heaven. Hahahaha!!

Life is good!!


August 10, 2020

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