Track Day 2020

On Tuesday, September 22, 2020 I did a track day at the Parque Viva track, led by my sensei, Felix Franco. It was lots of fun!!!

Juan Carlos saw me on the road and led me to Parque Viva using. We had both gotten lost since Maps took us to a back, closed entrance. Nice guy with a KLR 650.
Felix and I waiting for Parque Viva to open

It was and exciting, fun experience. The music added great atmosphere to the event, and it was great to meet new bikers and to see old friends.

My friend Koki with his wife and son.
Andres wanted a photo of me to show his mother that age does not matter in the riding world.
I was glad to see other women there! Yay!! Felix’s Angels!

I did not manage to lean my body out during the curves until the last part of the day. But I was so happy to finally GET IT in my body: lean out with your body not with the bike. Yay!! Hopefully, in the next track day, this will become second nature. NOT! Hahaha! Maybe. 🙂

I am amused by these certificates of participation! Hahaha! Well, why not?

I only managed to reach 130 kph on the second straightawy. Some of the guys there reached 240 kph! Impressive!! I particularly enjoyed watching Antonio take the curves. Man was he good!! Leaning out, full force!

Loving my life!


To see more photos of this event, visit

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