No Agism in the Biker World!(Las edades no existen en el mundo del motociclismo!)

On Thursday, September 24, a new biker friend and I took a ride over to Turrialba via Pacayas (route 230) then over to La Herediana via route 415.

Rodolfo is only 32 years old, but we had tons of fun together! I felt playful and spontaneous with him, for some unknown reason, so one of my favorite routes was even more enjoyable than usual. Rodolfo says it is because I was “La Capitana” on this ride. Hahaha! Maybe so. Maybe I need to be La Capitana more often!

Rodolfo’s Honda XRE 300

After breakfast at El Sapito Restaurant, we traded motorcycles so that he could check out a Honda CB 500X, since he is thinking about buying one.

Rodolfo on Sahara

As you can see, he took some really nice photos of me! Thank you, Rodolfo!

Route 415 is a wild route with amazing views! Definitely one of my zillion favorites!

We stopped often for photos, which is something I love to do to take in the beauty and peace of Costa Rica.

Hahaha! Superwoman pose. They say it helps one feel more powerful and grounded.


My gorgeous Sahara! Love at first sight!

Song: I love it when we’re Cruisin’ together! 🙂

We ended up not going to La Herediana on 415. Coming down the straightaway, we took a right and then another right at a cemetery to go to Sol y Luna restaurant where I had left my credit card coming back from the South Caribbean the week before. (Yes, I will post another post! I’m trying to catch up on several weeks of not posting! :-)) Me, I was happy to ride on a new road! Yay! Riders, we LOVE new roads!

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