Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Part of my daily Twelve Step Program is writing a Gratitude List. Needless to say, my motorcycles and riding in Costa Rica are on it every time! Hahaha!

Q and Sahara at a pit stop. Q’s eyes make me smile! 🙂

On Thanksgiving 2020, Robert and I decided to ride down to Bajos del Toro via Vara Blanca, then take the road up to Sarchi. It was a lovely morning!

At Poasito gas station, which Robert says is one of his favorites due to the view.

I was delighted that my friend Dave Mejía and his friend Eddie joined us for breakfast at El Mirador de Cinchona and then came with us for the rest of the ride. Life is better with friends who also ride!

Photo by Dave Mejía of San Fernando Waterfall.

Here is a video by Robert of an Esmerald toucan at Mirador restaurant. I like going to this place because of the birds and the waterfall.

Route 708 to Sarchí has been fixed. I would like to return someday when the skies are clear to see the views! (We rode through a bit of fog at the top.) I felt at peace riding. The route was quite relaxing.

Photo by Dave Mejía, route 715

I was happy to finally take Dave on Route 715 from near Sarchí to Zaragosa de Palmares. This road is mostly paved, with a few kilometers of gravel. There is a downhill spot that is quite challenging due to ruts and loose gravel. I felt quite bad having taken Eddie there, since he does not have off road tires. However, we all made it down just fine, thank goodness, including Sahara! Her tires are not the best for gravel and are getting a bit worn out.

Route 715
A pause after our brief ordeal on 715. Hahaha!

One of my favorite things of riding lately is taking friends on routes I know. I like sharing them. Like with Robert, last Saturday we basically zig zagged on different routes (including 756 to Route 1 and 703 to Naranjo…and one unexpected one, route 148! Hahaha!) It is so much fun!

The lovely church of Zaragosa de Palmares

Yes, all along the ride I gave thanks to the universe for the amazing gift of riding a motorcycle and of being able to enjoy such fun adventures with my friends.


Photo by Dave Mejía

For my Thanksgiving meal, my son came over and we had a relaxed lunch of lasagna with my mother, who is now back to living with me. We were all happy and it was a comforting experience: just the three of us…again, as it has been since my son was born.

I married Charles on Thanksgiving 2012. I am grateful that eight years later, the day is no longer about having found and lost him, but about giving thanks for all I have in my life TODAY.

I am especially grateful for all my bird companions!!
Many came to eat bananas while we were having lunch,
as well as while having breakfast at the Mirador Restaurant. 🙂


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