Everybody needs a heroe!

On Sunday, November 29th, I joined Humberto’s Team for a ride to Puriscal, then Caldera. Two other groups joined us (folks from Sarchí, a few Rejuntados (Robert and JM), and Luis Herrera’s friends, Danny, Manuel, and Alvaro, whom I had not seen in quite a while).

Dead end road in Turrucares

After getting lost in Turrucares with Robert (Hahahaha!), he and I headed to Fresh Market in Ciudad Colón to wait for the group. I admit, I like getting lost!! It has been fun for me to see how Sahara can handle dirt roads. However, I think I need to start using Google maps. 🙂

Leaving Fresh Market
We had breakfast at our friend Eddiés place in Puriscal, Tasty Tacos.
At the gas station, waiting while my tire got fixed.

Sahara got a flat on the way down to Orotina, which surprised me because the day before I had taken it to have the tire checked out because it had a slow leak. Of course, they did not find a leak and said it may be the valve. So maybe something was in there that punctured the tire more during the ride. Or maybe it was just coincidence. It was easily fixed with a Taco, another item to put on my shopping list.

My heroe for the day was Jimmy Tobon!! He just grabbed Sahara and took fast care of the situation. I was so impressed with his handling of it all for me and with his fast, fun riding!! He took the lead and took care of the group. He looks totally at home on a motorcycle, in full control. Wow!

Snack at Tabaris Restaurant in Caldera, where I ran into Felipe,
another friend from Los Rejuntados.

Riding back on the Cambronero with Jimmy and Jose Miguel was lots of fun — fast and furious! Hahaha!

Stopped on the way home to by plantain for all the critters
that are coming around my yard these days.

Overall a great day. The summer skies were gorgeous, the curves fun, and it was nice to see so many friends, as well as to meet new people. Riding is one of the things that makes me incredibly happy. How lucky can I be?!?


Date of Ride: Sunday, Nov. 29, 2020

Song: We can be heroes, just for one day!

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