Happily Lost in Paradise

My plan this morning was to go to from San Ramón to La Florencia then loop back to Zarcero. As I headed out, however, the skies got dark and I hit some light rain.

San Ramón Church and electric lines. Hahaha!
Los Angeles de San Ramón again.

I decided I did not want to risk riding in the cold rain all morning, so I headead back to Highway 1 to see how it looked over at the Pacific.

It looked clear. I headed over to Costa de Pájaros as my newly discovered Plan B! I had a superb day!!

View across from Caballo Blanco, where I decided to have breakfast.
Tons of people at the Restaurant

I went to Playa Blanca first. I simply loved it! No one was there. Here is a video for you to appreciate how beautiful this beach is. (It is not a good beach for swimming, however, as it is swampy.)

After collecting some shells, despite feeling quite reluctant to leave, I headed over to Costa de Pájaros.

Heading out to Costa de Pájaros.
I think these might be shrimp farms on the left. Or fish farms?

Costa de Pájaros is a quaint, poor, picturesque fishing village. I love thise kinds of places because they have life and character.

Leaving Costa de Pajaros
I decided to go right at this T, knowing I should end up back by Pica Pica Restaurant and the road out to the International Highway.

I love these isolated roads. I feel so peaceful and free on them, doing what I love to do: RIDE!

I don’t know how — probably taking a wrong left turn again! — I ended up a bit lost. I decided to stop a motorcyclist to ask for direcitons, and he said, “Follow me!” So I did!! We pretty much went back the same road from which I had come! Hahaha! So much FUN!!

Drink and snack in Tabaris Restaurant in Caldera

Misty mountains; blue skies; the beautiful, quiet beach; isolated gravel roads; getting lost in Paradise…what a great day!


Thursday, December 3, 2020 Song: Sunshine on the water looks so lovely! (Though I was so happy that probably a happier song would be more appropriate.)

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