Love is all you need. (Summer fun with friends.)

The first days of summer in Costa Rica are my favorite time of the year. The skies are completely clear (no haze). One can see the beautiful mountains all around. And everything is green. Truly spectacular! (AND, no vicious, harsh winds yet! Hahaha!)

Route 707

I couldn’t resist but go on a short ride on Saturday, though the beauty of the day called for a longer one! I took a quick spin on 707 from Guacimo to Grifo Alto for breakfast, then went to Poró for a visit to one of my favortie views. Video: Beautiful day in Paradise (Poró).

After my ride, my son and I put up the Christmas tree while Mom watched. It was pleasant day.

And Sunday was just as clear and beautiful!! I had to decide between riding up to the Irazú volcano, then to the Turrialba volcano and then Guayabo, as I had been wanting to do all week, OR take a short ride to the coast with friends. It was a hard decision for me!! 🙂 The beauty of the day and the volcanoes called! LOUDLY!! (SEE VIDEO! Hahaha.)

However, I decided to go with my friends and had a heart-warming, very enjoyable morning. Sometimes what you really need is to love and be loved, as they say!

We took route 622 from Esparza to Salinas through Juanilama to a new restaurant called La Casa del Sabor. I enjoyed some elicious Huevos Rancheros with fried cheese!! Hahaha!

We then took route 755 to my house! Yay! I was so happy to have friends visit. And, at the end, they all let me hug them. Oh how I have needed hugs these last months. Risky business to hug, yes. But also much-needed medicine for the heart and soul.

Yeah!! Sometimes what you really need is love!! I am so grateful to be a friend among friends, enjoying the first days of summer!


Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020: Ride to Grifo Alto and Poró.
Sunday, Dec. 6, 2020: Ride with friends to Caldera.
Song: All you need is love.

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