Living the Magic (Playa Carrillo)

One of my most favorite places to visit is the Nicoya coast, especially Playa Carrillo and Playa Coyote. I go two or three times a year, spending one night in Carrillo and one night in Coyote. I think that next time I will have to spend TWO NIGHTS in each place! 🙂

On my way, I was happy to run into friends at Caballo Blanco restaurant
and have some company till my turn off towards Hojancha.
View, on the way to Hojancha

I like to go to Carrillo via Hojancha. This road is partly easy gravel, then asfalt, with nice curves (Carretera Lajas/Puerto Carrillo). Zero traffic. Lovely.

There is a gas station about two kilometers before Carrillo. Great to know!

Carrillo is a gorgeous beach!

Beautiful Carrillo Beach
I dropped off my bags and headed out to Samara for lunch.
View from my hotel
The friendly waiter at Frank’s in Samara told me about a beach on the way back to Carrillo on Bahía Samara.

Here is a video of that beach.

On the way back to Carrillo, I decided to head UP the hotel road. Stunning views up there!! Might be fun to keep going…with someone.

Yeah. Happiness is letting yourself love what you love!

Later, I went back to the little beach on Bahia Samara to watch the sunset. Children, dogs, horses, pelicans, cyclists, motorcyclists, swimmers, boats, men fishing waist-deep in the sea…the beach was alive with life as I waited for the sunset.

Drenched in beauty, filled with serenity. Quiet times on beautiful beaches. Truly a life beyond my wildest dreams, thanks to owning a motorcylce in this little country which is full of magical spaces.


Storm! Honda XR 250 Tornado.

Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Song: Peaceful, easy feeling.

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