Making my heart sing! (Islita, Bejuco, Coyote.)

Early Wednesday morning, December 9th, I left Playa Carrillo and headed out to Playa Coyote.

The morning was quite windy, and I was a bit worried about falling branches, but I headed out anyhow.

Soon, I wished I had left a 20 minutes earlier to see the sunrise in Punta Islita. BUT, it was beautiful in any case, and I once again felt like I was BLISSFULLY ALIVE IN PARADISE. Hahaha! Oh what a sense of peace and tranquility floods my body and mind when I am on solitary beaches! Nothing like it.

Sunrise at Playa Islita
Punta Islita from above.

I love the up and down, curvy gravel road from Carrillo to Coyote.

I often wonder what this is like during the height of the rainy season.

On my way, I decided to detour into Playa Bejuco. (Video of hawks and buzzards feasting on my way in to Playa Bejuco.)

Playa Bejuco

Leaving Playa Bejuco, Storm slid out from under me on some sand. Oops! 🙂 Since I was out in the middle of nowhere, I HAD to get her up. I knew no help would wander by.

I did everything wrong, and ended up lifting her three times, finally getting it right on my third attempt (she rolled out and slid out on the first two lifts. Hahaha!). As a result, I injured my lower back. Bummer. BUT, I now know EXACTLY what to do when I drop her.

Cemetary on the beach — souls resting in peace.
Leaving Playa Bejuco

I had breakfast at Soda Familiar in San Francisco de Coyote, then I took my bags to Coyote Lodge and placed ice on my back for a few hours.

After resting, I headed back out to Playa Coyote. Such a delight!

Costa de Oro

I took a delicious nap under the coconut trees, being careful not to be in the way of possible falling coconuts.

I could not resist but going to Punta Coyote for my final beach experience of the wonderful day.

Largest Turitella shells I have ever seen

I admit it was hard to leave the next day. I had wanted to go inland towards the Paquera Ferry, but because of my strained back, I took the shorter route via Jicaral to the Naranjo Ferry.

Dawn on the road to Jicaral.
Brief detour to Puerto Viejo on my way to the ferry.
Playa Naranjo
Ferry to Puntarenas from Playa Naranjo

Another great trip to Nicoya! I hope that this summer I go up along the coast from Tambor all the way as far as I can go. That might be a five or six day trip. How fun! Fingers and toes crossed.


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