Just go, go, go!! (From Turrucares to San Antonio de Puriscal.)

My friend Robert and I took a short ride on Saturday afternoon. I am so delighted to have an occasional riding buddy!! Yay!! It does indeed feel safer. Plus, fun is more fun when it is shared fun!

We agreed to meet at the railroad tracks in Turrucares
Route 136 from Turrucares.

We headed out towards Piedras Negras on Route 136. I managed to do the sharp downhill curve before the bridge without stopping to gather my courage. Hahaha! I just did it.

Because of my lower back pain, I wasn’t sure if we should ride directly to Puriscal or take a left at Piedras Negras to go to San Antonio, which is a dirt and gravel road. What a delight it was that we decided to go LEFT!!

Robert recently bought a KLR 650, since his BMW is at the doctor’s. Oil burner! 🙂

The road to San Antonio has a lot of uphill parts with ruts. One can’t hesitate at all! Hahaha! Just give it gas and go, go, go!! Honda Power!! It was lots of fun, with lovely views, especially up at the top.

After, I took Robert to my favorite view spot in Poró, near Grifo Alto. One can see the Pacific Ocean on one side, and the Northern mountains on the other. It is breathtaking. (Sadly, they are building a structure on one side that will block the view. Oh well. Development happens.)

View to Northern mountains from Poró
View, Restaurante Linda Vista

We had lunch at Restaurante Linda Vista. I am glad we went. I had wanted to go in a while. They built a counter where one can eat which has a gorgeous view of the Atenas mountains. I think I saw my neighborhood.

Yeah. What a fun afternoon ride! So glad that summer is here (and fingers crossed that we don’t have more lockdowns). It is a gift to have a friend with an off road motorcycle who is available to ride on other days besides Sundays. I will enjoy the company while I can! 🙂 Life is good…and better with a motorcycle.


“K,” Kawasaki KLR 650 and “Storm!” Honda XR 250 Tornado

Date: Saturday December 12, 2020
Song: In the summer time

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