Amazing beauty! (Bajos del Toro and La Fortuna)

Lovely sickle moon with a star.

On Sunday, December 13, 2020 I took a magical, solitary ride into wonderland!

The mountains have been calling me for a while now. With this gorgeous, clear summer weather, one can see them all around. Today, I decided to go up to Alto Palomo restaurant above Sarchí, then see where to go from there. Perhaps back down to head on over to Zarcero.

Beautiful sugar cane blossoms on the way to Grecia. It’s that time of year.

I took calle Trojas up, which I have taken perhaps three times in the past. Half way up it connects with route 708, after an impossible 270 degree steep uphill curve! Hahaha!

Alto Palomo was closed. I headed down route 708, then changed my mind, and turned around to go to Bajos del Toro. Continuing up, the views are simply stunning and AWESOME!

A car lost its brakes on this steep hill. I could smell them as I went down, then saw them pulled over, making a call.
I am sure he is not the first and certainly won’t be the last.
Leaving Bajos del Toro

The trip up and down to Bajos del Toro felt like I was traversing wonderland. Out of thi world.

Heading to Ciudad Quesada to go home via Zarcero
Finally breakfast at La Torre Restaurant! I was hungry!

Nearing Ciudad Quesada, I saw Arenal Volcano. No way I was going to go home without a visit to this majestic mountain! 🙂 How exciting it is to move closer and closer to it, just as it is exciting to see the ocean from a distance and move closer and closer.

It was a quick trip to visit the volcano, but good enough for me. I headed home via route 702 to San Ramón.

Interesting to see the backside of Poás volcano as I headed home on Route 702.

In Los Angeles de San Ramón, I saw a few cars turning right. So, I again decided to do a U-turn and take the road they were taking. It looked interesting (and paved). How fun to be spontaenous! It turns out this road connects with 706. Happy I took it and may take it again next time I am coming home via San Ramón. There is another route I want to take as well, but will need company to do that.

Yeah. It was an awesome day! I just can’t describe the feeling of being immersed in so much natural beauty. Costa Rica is astounding. Truly. No matter how long I have lived here, I continue to experience awe. Amazing grace.


Sahara. My Honda CB 500X. A delight to ride!

Date of ride: Sunday, December 13, 2020
Song: Amoreena

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