Living life to the fullest! (San Lorenzo de Tarrazú to the Coastal highway.)

As I had been wanting to go to the volcanos for a while, I was delighted that my friends Althaf and Robert were willing to come with me. However, in the morning, the volcanoes were covered in clouds. No sense riding in the fog. We decided to do Plan B which was head over to Copey via San Cristobal Norte. We took no photos of San Cristobal Norte and Corralillos, but it is a charming, curvy, picturesque route. Yes, with steep, sharp curves, but fun. (Here is a previous blog post about that area: Riding in Costa Rica.)

At breakfast, we decided to head on down to the coastal highway via San Lorenzo de Tarrazu. Yay!!! Love those unexpected Plan Cs!!

This gravel route has amazing views and is a lot of fun. It is not too steep and only has one or two challenging but easily doable curves. I have done it several times and you can do a search for it on this blog if you’d like to see more photos.

There were lots of patches of wet clay. One one of the last ones, I did not do as planned (keep my feet down) and ended up falling. Hahaha! Altaf was kind enough to help me with my bike. My hero for the day!!

We stopped at a little soda on the left that was closed, but the owner was kind enough to serve us drinks.
This is Don Efrain Vindas, her father. I took a photo for my friend’s project: The Infinite Mind Dementia Project.

Here’s a video of a little stream we crossed.

It was a super fun ride down. Althaf led the way.

We made a nice group. I enjoyed having their company. Althaf has since formed a small Weekday Off-Road Riding group, so it looks like we may do more rides together! Yay!!


Life is good…and better with a motorcycle…and even better with friends who have motorcycles!!

Song: Usually for my motorcycles, but today it is for both my bikes and my new friends: Life is better with you.

Date of ride: Thursday, December 17, 2020

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