Closing 2020 with four rides and a heart full of gratitude!

Well, 2020 is gone now. Needless to say, what made this year of the Coronavirus pandemic bearable for me was RIDING!! I am incredibly blessed to have a motorcycle and to have been able to continue doing what I love. At first I rode in secret, then decided to share my rides publicly again, and happily ended up riding a lot with friends. The last week of the year I found myself being a member of six motorcycle groups! Hahaha! One of them is the “Weekday Off-Road” group which will bring a lot of adrenaline-filled fun, for sure!

I closed the year with four rides, one on Sunday the 27th to Los Santos; one on Tuesday the 29th to eat lunch at Pajaritos Restaurant in Puntarenas; one on Wednesday with a ride around the lake, and an enjoyable ride to Tivivez beach on the 31st. I think this summer 2021 will be just as full of fun adventures!!

Despite having been to the Los Santos area about five times this year, I enjoyed the ride on Sunday with Alvaro, his friend Roberto, Andrés, and Robert. It is a gorgeous part of the country. (Though it was torture not to go with Los Rejuntados to Tulín! Hahaha! I had made a commitment to Alvaro, and I stuck with it!) The day ended with Alvaro and Roberto coming to my home for coffee. I love sharing this beautiful space with others.

On Tuesday the 29th, Dave, Bernard and I went to have lunch at Pajaritos Restaurante in Puntarenas. As usual, I thought it was hilarious that my little Honda Tornado 250 was riding with a Goldwing and a BMW! Hahaha! There’s a good joke in here somewhere! We had a delicious meal and rode home in the rain. Fun times!!

The Rejuntados had their last ride of the year on the 30th, with a fun, easy ride around Lake Arenal. Cool runnings! 🙂

I was happy to return to the Restaurant La Hacienda, to which I had been with Charles. I have often thought of it, because I had liked the view, but I did not recall where it was. We all ate MEAT!! When in San Carlos, meat is the thing to eat.

On Thursday the 31st, for some reason I was feeling a bit sad. The solution of course was to go for a ride! It worked! I thoroughly enjoyed Sahara, and, to my surprise I ended up at Tivives beach! Checking my phone, I saw a friend was in Puntarenas, so we decided to meet at Tabaris Restaurant. I like this restaurant because of the outdoor seating and the picturesque view of the estuary.

Yeah. 2020 brought Coronavirus with its painful loss of hugs, driving restrictions, and many other losses. Fortunately, after the first few months of it, I was able to keep socializing with my motorcycle-riding buddies.

However and most importantly, it also brought me my amazingly wonderful and magical new home in Atenas and Sahara, my CB500X, which I love riding — such smooth power, comfort, and great brakes! These are two gifts from this awesome universe for which I cannot be grateful enough!

I was happy to end 2020 riding Sahara to Tivives, enjoying the delightful aromas of summer (especially the delicious scent of Zota Caballo trees!).

Twenty twenty also brought into my life a brief, intoxicating relationship which dropped me right into my trauma hole/whole and revealed to me my Family of Origin Attachment style, as well as many other self-destructive aspects of my being. (In this sense, by revealing my shadow so starkly and clearly, the relationship was also a gift. :-)) I was able to see how immersed I was in the “Love Hurts” paradigm and how I need to step into the “Love Loves” experience. Yes, my friends. Love loves and love matters. May I exit my dysfunctional patterns and shift into whole new, life-and-love-enhancing ways of being!

I saved this lovely butterfly from my window on December 31st. (I saved lots of butterflies this year.) A cashier at a local supermarket nicknamed me Mariposita (Little butterfly) because I fly freely all over the country. I like this nickname. I have never had one before. I hope I am transforming into a lighter version of myself! In 2021 may I leave behind the dark, painful world of lovelessness and enter the solid light of loving togetherness! May I keep seeking and finding my JOY, riding alone and with my beloved friends!

I am eternally grateful for all the happiness I feel

RIDING IN COSTA RICA, feeling the beauty, knowing the love, and living the power!!!

Written on January 1, 2021.
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021, my friends! May the universe shower you with love and joy!

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