Finally! (Tres Equis to La Suiza…and more.)

How delighted I was to FINALLY go on a ride that I have been wanting to do for years (every time I take Route 10 to Siquirres). A few friends from my new, small riding group had a wonderful Saturday ride that started in Tres Equis and wound all around Turrialba.

We gathered at Primo Restaurant after Pocora and then met our friend and Turrialba guide, Fabricio, at El Cruce Restaurant to head on off towards La Suiza on this inner route.

This route has lots of loose gravel and gorgeous views, like most of this area.

After a brief stop for refreshments in La Suiza, we headed towards San Juan Sur and San Juan Norte. The road was a bit rougher than last week, but drier, with strewn sugar cane everywhere. Lovely and fun! Great views at the top!

Here is a video of us going around one of the curves on our way.

Grateful to Fabricio for being such an excellent guide and taking us to such special places!!

Fabricio then led us through lots of gravel roads through different towns, taking us to the town of Aquiarres to see the church. It was fun to get to know these different areas of Turrialba.

One of the best parts of the trip was riding through coffee fields! This was bigger, rockier gravel, but quite doable. Magic!!

He got a bit lost and we came out to a chain across the entrance. Hahaha! Fortunately, we were able to go around the post.

We said goodbye to Adrian and his wife, Berni, and headed towards Santa Cruz to go to route 415 via Guayabo. Route 230 is being repaved.

Due to a small accident on the road and repairs, we ended up U-turning to go through San Antonio towards the route that goes to Guayabo. It was fun to see this little town. We stopped at a lovely natural pool. Some weekday we can go dipping in there!

We continued towards my friend Alex’s cabin in La Alegría de Siquirres. What a lovely, peaceful area! We closed the day with a bonfire and pizza. I had been on the road for 11.5 hours. What a fulfilling day!

The next day started out with a bang as well and ended up being another fantastic day riding in Costa Rica!


Date of ride: Saturday, February 6, 2021.

(Thanks to Adrian Acuña, Jose, and Fabricio for some of these photos and for the map.)

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