Closing February ’21 with Valley Mountains

On Saturday, February 27, 2021, my friend Jose Alonso and I had fun riding on some of the mountains which ring the central valley — those of Heredia and Coronado.

I enjoyed being back in familiar territory, viewing Barva volcano from well-known roads.

We went up to Calle Lomas. I had been there once before, where a man said that people “Come up to make love, but they are not always married.” Hahaha! We went up until the road turned to dirt. Lovely!

Continuing on our ride, I was delighted that he turned left at Birri! I hadn’t been up there in quite a while.

We looped around Estancias Barva de Viejo, where I used to live, then road on and stopped in Montecillos for some more photos. My heart felt like it was going to explode into a million stars of happiness. Hahaha! But it is heartbreaking to see they are starting to cut these magnificent trees. 😦

And then Jose Alonso took me to Calle Cienega above Concepción de San Rafael de Heredia! Yay!! I had seen this road on the map and had wanted to ride it many times, yet never did. Sometimes I am brave. Other times, not.

We stopped for fresh juice at the street vendors.

The peak of they day was riding to Montserrat from San Jeronimo de Moravia. Again, I was so happy to ride with someone who actually knew the little road to which I have wanted to take my friends for many years. Jose Alonso says he knows it from his bicycle riding years. So cool! It is off the beaten path and has some technical parts, and is a shortcut to Cascajal. (Here is an previous post where you can appreciate the views when the weather is clear: San Jeronimo to Cascajal.)

The road to Montserrat is paved some of the way, then it turns into a cement/gravel combo, and at the end it has some rocky, rutted gravel. Each time I ride on gravel, I love Sahara and her Motoz tires more and more. It feels like her natural habitat. Love it!

Another fantastic day with my new riding buddy, Jose Alonso. I am beyond grateful for having him in my life to show me new roads! What a gift of the universe! Yeah. Nothing like having a full and thankful heart!


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