First day of 2019 in Montserrat de Coronado.

It was too beautiful a day to stay at home, so I decided to check out a road I had only ridden once to Cascajal de Coronado, San Jose province (from San Jeronimo).

Of course, it was cloudy over there! Hahaha! But I have wanted to check out this road again for a while, so I went anyhow.  When I get these ideas in my head, I go rain or shine. 🙂 The road I wanted to take was more that 50% gravel, which is what I wanted to determine. Mostly to see if I could lead friends up it, but now I know that only those that can ride gravel would be able to do so.


Once at Cascajal, I decided to go check out Montserrat.

The road I took comes out here. I turned left to go up to Montserrat.


At a certain point, the road to Montserrat turns to gravel. However, after riding level 5 gravel with the XRE guys a couple of weeks ago, anything under that does not stress me out!  Piece of cake!







I went up to the church. Seeing the map now, I wish I would have gone further.  Oh well. At least I made it that far.

At the church, a man offered to take a photo of me. Why not?! He liked Storm!
One of several open restaurants.


It was a fun few hours in the winding roads that had lots of interesting shacks along them (and then were mostly wild). The whole trip was quite picturesque. 

Coming down, while stopped to take a photo, a cyclist came over and asked me if I was the woman from Honda Red Riders Costa Rica. I said I was. He introduced himself as Gustavo. Put a smile on my face! Hahaha!

I will hopefully go back when the skies are clear to see the views.
Perfect way to start the New Year!


Feel the beauty. Know the love.

Jan 1, 2019

I have had a streak of minor bad luck the last two months, so I was not surprised when my new rack that holds my trunk broke. 😦 Oh well. I tied it up and will have to get one made out of iron.



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