Wednesday Off-Road Fun! (Chucás>Piedras Negras>San Antonio de Puriscal>Tulín>Bijagual)

My friends Robert, Althaf and I took a mid-week ride, starting from Atenas. We first headed over to the Chucás Dam to go to Piedras Negras. I like this route from the dam to Piedras Negras and plan to take it alone one day for photos.

Chucas Dam

At Piedras Negras, we took a left to go towards San Antonio de Puriscal on route 316. Going right would take us to 136 to Puriscal directly.

Route 316 is rutted and dusty with loose gravel. There are some challenging parts with curves. The last downhill part before the little bridge is presently a bunch of loose dust rather than the usual mud. Hahaha! It was fun to do this road again. I think it was my fourth time (once with Honda Red Riders, once alone, once with Robert, and now this time with Robert and Althaf.) That is enough. I see no need to do so again. 🙂 Some routes we enjoy doing over and over and over again; others, not necessarily!

At the top of 316

We then headed over to Puriscal and beyond to Route 239 towards Parrita, stopping for breakfast at Soda Santa Marta.

Route 239 has amazing views and is presently in great shape.

At La Gloria we turned right to go to the Tulín river. Althaf had fun crossing it. I enjoyed the Cumbia music from the bar. 🙂

After the Tulín bridge we turned right to go towards Bijagual de Carara on Route 319. This road is in excellent shape and has lovely views, though we did not stop much for photos.

At a Y I turned left. I thought I had taken a wrong turn, but perhaps not. This part is how I remembered it: a bit challenging. I would not take this trip during the rainy season, for much of the road is red clay.

Anyhow. I was so happy to have another fun day riding off road with good friends! Life is good!! Beyond good! Life is amazing.


Date of ride: Wednesday March 4, 2021

On Friday I take a two-night trip with my friends Jose Alonso and Alex to Rincón de la Vieja, where I have never been. Prepare for another dose of blog posts with lots of photos! Hahaha!

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  1. Hi Su!, amazing article about routes that I never have been, about El Rincon de la vieja you will love it, its a bit dry/arid but enjoyable, if you get a chance go and visit poza Los Coyotes or Catarata Leona… Hope you like it.

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