The Wild, Wild North West! (Day #1 Monteverde, Tilaran, Tierras Morenas, Miravalles, Liberia)

Detour to Calle Barroeta on my way to meet my friends at Casita del Cafe, unaware that they were already there. Hahaha!

On Friday, March 5, my friends Jose Alonso, Alex, and I headed off for another fantastic off-road adventure. We started out by going to Monteverde then heading down to Tilarán. The vistas on the Monteverde road are lovely, both mountain and ocean views. From my house, without stopping for photos, it would take about 2 hours 45 minutes to go to Monteverde. I think I will go on a day trip soon to come down via Las Juntas, which I am not sure I know.

To our surprise, the road to Tilarán has been paved.

Yes, we stopped at the viewpoint for the obligatory lake shot! 🙂

We then headed off to cross Tierras Morenas, which has also been 90% paved. The views of the Tenorio volcano and then the Miravalles are awesome. One feels like one is out in the middle of nowhere. I remembered how much I loved it the first time I had gone through. Delightful!

Turning left as we came out of Tierras Morenas, and then right onto a narrow road, we took an unmapped route towards La Fortuna de Bagaces. So cool. But not to be done in the rainy season, for sure! At the end of this road we turned right onto a loose gravel path that was like riding along a river bed. Hahaha! Which was good cause it prepared us for our trip home the next day.

We made it out to Route 164 and stopped for coffee. The Miravalles volcano now on our right.

We continued our inland journey to Liberia by going through Mogote de Bagaces and the Guanacaste electric windmills until we came to another T.

When we got to the next T, Jose Alonso said we could either go right toward Colonia Blanca, which would be a bit technical, or go left towards Liberia. Since it was 4 p.m., we chose to go left on route 918. Such a different, desert-like ambiance! Super cool! All of it! Amazing.

Photo by José Alonso of his KLR

And 11.5 hours after departure, we made it to Liberia!! Happy and satisfied with another fantastic adventure! And looking forward to the next day, of course. Hahaha! Living life beyond my wildest dreams.


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