Awesome! Day Two: From Liberia to San Jose and La Fortuna

Saturday, March 7th, was such an amazing day! I have no more adjectives! Hahaha! Jose Alonso, Alex and I first headed up to the entrance of Rincon de la Vieja Park.

We then went to another part of the National Park Rincón Vieja to enter route 918 at the Santa Maria Section. This is another two-track lane that goes towards Colonia Blanca. This was a beautiful little road with lots of greenery and lovely views.

Yellow, Friday’s route. Blue, our Saturdy route to San Jose. Wow!

We encountered lots of Blue Morpho butterflies!

This route had parts with relatively large loose gravel so one has to concentrate a bit going down the easy hills and curves.

Colonia Blanca is a quaint little town. What a gorgeous part of the country this whole area is.

From Colonia Blanca we headed over to San Jose on lovely route 732.

Volcano in Nicaragua as seen on our way from Colonia Blanca to San Jose

Once again we took a quick refreshment break before heading over to La Fortuna via Venado and La Tigra de San Carlos. This road is paved at first and quite pleasant, going up and down sloping hills. Then it turns into gravel. The only issue with the gravel is that it was quite loose in many places so it was best to stand as needed. As tends to be the case, the curves were the only parts that were more technical. Hahaha!

Below are a few more photos of this route. Always fun to see the Arenal volcano!!

Fun to come out and see the lake below, then stop for more snacks at the German Bakery. 🙂

Yeah! What a great adventure we had once again, thanks to our friend and guide, Jose Alonso!

The next day was our last day in the area, so we rode over to the Castillo area of the lake before heading home.

The skies were perfectly clear and the Arenal volcano was as stunning as usual!

Then we went to the Arenal Lodge hotsprings!! This seems to be my year for getting into pools with guys! Hahaha!

We parted ways in town, and I headed home via Bajo Rodriquez to San Ramon. It was a glorious day. I loved seeing the back of the valley volcanoes in the distance. But I was no longer in the mood for stopping for photos! Hahaha!

I am deeply grateful to have Jose Alonzo and Alex as my riding buddies. And I am especially grateful to Jose Alonso for guiding us to these spectacular places. THANK YOU, JOSE ALONZO!


March 7, 2021

JAS adventures!! (Jose Alonso, Alex, and Susana = JAS.) We joked about making a sticker for ourselves. So I made this quick design on Monday. Hahaha! (Alex added the concept of “Tres Almas” = Three Souls.)

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