Ageless friends!

Wow! On Thursday, April 8th, my young friend, Rodolfo Molina and I took a fun trip to Poás volcano then around to Vara Blanca, La Paz Waterfall, Ciudad Quesada, and Zarcero. We met at Barva Church and headed towards Carrizal/Vara Blanca.

I was glad to see many Cortez Amarillo trees still in bloom. And the clouds were really cool!
Barva Church
Viewpoint to see Poás Volcano
Heading to the entrance of Poas Volcano Park. We did not enter.

Rodolfo took the most amazing photos of me. Looking at them, they remind me that RIDING MAKES ME LOVE MYSELF MORE! Hahaha! I even wrote a Honda saying about it a few years ago. “Love yourself more. Honda.” Too bad they never acknowledged nor paid me for my great Honda Ads. Hahaha! A free helmet might have been nice! 🙂

We then headed back to Vara Blanca, down to La Paz Waterfall, and around to Ciudad Quesada and Zarcero.

We stopped at his friend”s micro-brewery in Aguas Zarcas, where Rodolfo had a beer and I had a delicious Kambucha. I was glad we stopped because I was able to take a photo of the (above) colorful houses, which the artist in me loves!

We hit rain and fog on the way from Ciudad Quesada to Zarcero. No surprise there. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant that his friend had recommended, Los Gallos, just past the center of Zarcero. Tico Fusion. I highly recommend it.

I was quite happy eating a delicious lunch in an artsy restaurant after a fun ride with my super-chill friend, Rodolfo. He has such a tranquil personality. As I usually do, I stressed out parking my bike, but he remained calm as I did so. Hahaha! I decided to write a poem about him, which I share below.

Yeah. As I have written before, there is no ageism in the motorcycle world!


Date of ride: Thursday, April 8, 2021


While the cool sun
squeezed itself between
rippling morning clouds,
he brushed tree ferns
with his open hand…

the wild, flowering grasses,
the piles of dry leaves
noticed, contacted
as he swept by their side.

I loved him then.

Too young to hold,
we can nevertheless
laugh and be free
as ageless friends

swaying with the winds
past the ferns
and wild grasses.

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