Day #2: More natural pools! (Crossing Panica River)

This is a short post to document Sunday morning, April 25th.

While my friends went to check out the Montezuma waterfall, I took a short ride over to Cabuya before we all met for breakfast. Riding along the natural wildness near the beach, I missed coastal living. I would like to find a way to come to beach towns for longer stays, say a week, to ride in the mornings and enjoy the area more intimately the rest of the time.

After breakfast, we headed over to some natural pools in the Florida area. How cool!!! These have been the third pools I have dipped into this year. The pools were in a private property which is used as an off-road training track as well.

The larger pool was great. My friends jumped off the bigger rock by hanging on to a knotted rope. Here is the video I already posted that captures this. (I am the one in the faded yellow jacket.)

After the pools, we took a short detour to Tambor, crossing the Panica river. I loved the entrance. The route to the river is short, downhill, and rocky.

Yours truly, having crossed the river.
Carlos and I with our Honda CB 500Xs.

We caught the Paquera ferry home, happy to have had such a fun overnight riding adventure, crossing rivers and beaches and swimming in natrual pools!


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