Fun, fun, fun! (Day 1 – Montezuma via Coyote and Manzanillo Beach. )

My new friend, Fran Ovideo, had contacted me months earlier to go riding off-road together, but we had not managed to coordinate. Finally, he invited me on a ride to Montezuma on Saturday, April 24th, with his twin brother and some friends — and, man did we ever have fun, fun, fun!!

We took the 6:30 a.m. ferry from Puntarenas to Naranjo. I was glad to finally meet Fran in person. 🙂

We had a delicious breakfast in Jicaral, at the Restaurante Típico Jicaraleño. I highly recommend it.

The fun began when we took a route I did not know to San Francisco de Coyote. I have been there many times via several routes, but had never even thought of this one (I suppose because it was a longer route). This route winds its way along the Bongo river. It is easy gravel and goes up and down small hills — and is simply lovely.

After visiting Coyote so that the guys could know it we headed over to the Bongo River to go to Montezuma via Manzanillo beach.

The Bongo river was still low, but higher than the last time I crossed it. (Photos below.) After that we headed to Río Ario where I proceeded to lose confidence towards the end and briefly stopped! Hahaha! Oh well. I made it out without falling at least. 🙂 Confidence and commitment! Where are you when I most need you?! Hahaha!

We made it to the entrance of Manzanillo beach, where a man on horseback told Fran that the tide was heading back out. I was surprised because generally low tide was in the morning until at least 1 p.m.

I am so glad that Fran decided to go ahead and cross Manzanillo beach even though the tide was high. More fun!!

At several points we had to stop and wait for a wave set to pass before continuing.

And, not surprisingly, the heavy BMW got stuck in the soft sand! More fun! Hahaha!

We made it out of Manzanillo beach, though getting on the path was challenging for some of us.

Then had lots more fun riding my favorite road in Costa Rica: the little ocean side one along the beach to Santa Teresa.It was full of puddles into which he splashed!

We had lunch at Playa Carmen in Santa Teresa. Of course I was happy! We were all happy! (I think!)

The inner road from Santa Teresa to Montezuma was beautiful! I loved it! Up and down hills, in the wild green, with ocean views as we neared our destination. Can’t wait till I ride it again.

Tired and delighted, we reached our Hotel, Sano Banano, and the guys proceeded to rinse off the motorcycles. I headed off into the shower! Hahaha! Wonderful day!

Yes, I am grateful that Fran invited me to join him and his friends on this fun, fun, fun adventure! Sunday was almost as fun as well. Hahaha. (Next post.) I am so lucky to be making motorcycle riding friends.


Date of ride: Saturday April 24, 2021

Heres a fun video made by Carlos, Fran’s brother: Montezuma 2021

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