Curves or straightaways?

OK. I am going to share some photos of other rides I have taken in April. The theme that pops up is how some trips are all about curves and others are all about straightaways. I am grateful that I am now more relaxed with hairpin curves and find straightaways to be boring after a while. Hahaha! I often remember how I would freeze on switchbacks. Yeah. It’s all about progress through practice!

One trip that was full of curves was with my friend Robert to San Cristobal Norte.

Route 406 has steep downhill and uphill curves. It is a lovely, picturesque route. I did not take many photos, however, but you can see some in the above link.

No matter how many times one rides this Los Santos area, it is always enjoyable due to the curves and gorgeous views.

After breakfast at La Casa del Cafe on Route 226, Robert and I headed back home via Route 209 and then decided to head over to Puriscal and take route 136 over to El Rodeo. This route has a lot of fine gravel on it, especially on the down and uphill curves. Hahaha. Not so pleasant.

It was a fun day trip. I like riding with Robert because he is spontaneous. We often ride to places to which we had no plans to go!

Another trip I took was going round the gulf with my friends Luis Herrera and Jose Acuña. This was all mostly straightaways. It’s OK to do this once a year (or less! Hahaha), but I prefer to take detours that can make it more interesting (like riding to Costa de Pájaros and the Colorado Gulf).

This photo is the main reason I wanted to mention this trip. Hahaha! Love it. Vendors under a Golden Rain tree.

I do enjoy the ferry from Naranjo to Puntarenas. Lovely to see the birds flying by and to enjoy the views of the islands and the coastline.

Another trip I wish to mention was a ride over to have lunch with friends at Sibö Chocolate restaurant in San Isidron de Heredia. I include this because of two detours I took up the mountain. So lovely to get off the beaten path. The trees are gorgeous, as are the views.

On the way home, highway 27 was at a standstill due to a car falling off the bridge by Forum. Wow. How could that happen? He landed on a truck and fortunately no one was severely harmed. What a shock that must have been for all involved.

And last but not least are those spontaneous trips I decide to take simply to start the morning with my wind therapy! Hahaha! I rode to Casita del Cafe for breakfast, where my friend Walter stopped on his trip when he saw my motorcycle to join me. After that I looped around to Turrubares to come back home via route 707. Better a short ride than no ride!

Tajo Sulay, Turrubares.


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