Laguna de Hule Update (and route 715)

This past weekend I went to Laguna de Hule twice. On Saturday with my friends Robert and Ignacio to celebrate their birthdays. (Althaf joined us for breakfast in Vara Blanca.) And on Sunday I went with JAS Riders (Jose Alonso and Alex) to show it to Alex. There is a view-point restauarant up there where one can enjoy a meal or drinks while appreciating the view. (On Sunday Swallow-Tailed Kytes were gliding around the air currents above the lake. Lovely!) It is a beautiful volcanic lake. Precious!

In between the first and second ride to Laguna de Hule, I went on a ride with my friend Alex. I met him in Guapiles and we rode route 10 (fantastic views!) to Turrialba, then from there we went through Tucurrique on Route 225 to Orosi. I am only going to show the slide show of this trip, without much comment. (And at the end of the slideshow is a photo of a road one sees from Route 225 of a curvy road across the gorge, from Santa Marta to Congo. Some day!)

On our way back to Laguna de Hule on Sunday, Alex, Jose Alonso and I stopped by the Mirador de Cinchona restaurant, happy to find that it was open. The central valley went into a new lockdown on Monday due to the spike in Covid cases. I enjoy this little shack of a restaurant with its delicious tamales and view of the San Fernando waterfall (and birds!)

It was a lovely morning to ride Route 126 towards Nuevo Cinchona, the little town which was rebuilt after the Cinchona earthquake in 2009. The views on this “Jurrassic Park”road, as I like to call it, are spectacular. There is one section that now has Quatimundis (Pizotes) because people stop to feed them. I was tempted to stop because I had apples with me, but changed my mind and continued.

Below are different views of Volcán Congo, from route 126, entering Nuevo Cinchona, and on the way to Colonia del Toro.

The road to Laguna de Hule from Cinchona continues to be of rocky, uneven gravel, with some loose parts.

I was really happy to be with my two friends, Alex and Jose Alonso, and grateful for their patience with me. I had not slept well the night before so was impatient to GET RIDING! Hahaha! Whereas they enjoy hanging around, sharing thoughts, and taking time to enjoy the atmosphere more. (I am willing to change. Hahaha!)

I was surprised to see that one can see the Arenal Volcano from this viewpoint! Cool!

The main point of this post is to let you know that the road from Laguna de Hule down to Colonia del Toro, which two months previously I had jokingly called “Deadly gravel” (lastre mortal – Hahaha!) has been scraped and smoothed over. I was so surprised! I suppose it is a good thing that roads are being fixed and paved, but it does ruin some of the fun and makes for more traffic on them. So it goes!

Road heading out of the view point at Lguna de Hule. We turned right at the little school on the way out to head down to Colonia del Toro.

We rode to Colonia del Toro, where we parted ways: Alex headed home to Earth University and Jose Alonso and I went up the “Road to the sky” to Alto Palomo and Sarchí.

I loved seeing all the little houses with colorful laundry out front, on their fences and on bushes. Coming into La Luisa, with all the flowers in bloom, it was delightfully picturesque (though I did not stop for photos, thinking it is rude to take photos of laundry. Hahaha!)

I was made even happier when Jose Alonso agreed to take Route 715 to Zaragosa de Palmares. This is half way paved, then turns to gravel.

There is a downhill section which is ridiculously rutted, but Storm! my Honda Tornado was delighted to ride down it! Hahaha! We made it out and stopped at a section which Jose Alonso calls El Basurero (the garbage pit) because it is a place where people go to throw garbage. Fortunately, it was not smelly when we stopped.

Route 715

Yeah. I had a great time both times, riding to the “Rubber lake.” It’s wonderful to be able to ride in so much natural beauty with good friends. I am truly living an amazing life! What a gift!


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