When a second visit is better than the first! (Mastatal and Gamalotillo)

On Thursday a small group of us headed down Route 239 from Puriscal to Mastatal and down to the Parrita River.

This route 318 is relatively easy gravel full of up and downhill parts. There is one descent which is a bit more challenging, but it is short and not too stressful. With all the riding on gravel I have done this year, I am now quite comfortable going downhill. For now! 🙂 It has nice views of the Cangreja National Park.

After some fun on the Parrita River, we had breakfast, and headed back to Route 239.

It was such a shock to see route 239 paved (after the first kilometers of gravel from Parrita.). Wow. It’s almost disorienting. Hahaha. My friend Robert says it is paved to La Gloria. I wonder if they are going to pave all the way to Puriscal.

We took a left at Vista Mar and Robert guided us through a village named Gamalotillo to connect again with the road that goes from La Gloria to Tulin. I LOVE riding new routes!

New route through Gamalotillo.

After stopping to check out the Tulín River (but not riding on the riverbed) we headed back home via the Tulín>Costanera road through Montelimar. This is such a lovely route, with soft curves and lots of wild green, winding its way along the river. Such a delight to enjoy this kind of fresh, natural beauty.

We said our goodbyes at the new viewpoint near La Casita del Cafe Restaurant. My thought for the day was “How nice it is to enjoy a route even MORE the second time around!” 🙂 (/Route 318 to 609.)


Sahara, my beloved Honda CB 500X 2019.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Song: Let’s Do It again.

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