Never enough. (Tivives, Alegría, and Earth University.)

I have ridden so much these months, that they all blur into one felt sense of AWE! It was a spectacular summer.

This last week I think I took like five trips. Hahaha. I will briefly mention a little bit about one or two, then write a separate post about yesterday’s, which was my last one for a while before I go to Mexico for surgery, after which I will not ride for about two months, until I am fully recovered. (Thus, ALL the riding!)

On Wednesday I went to Caldera and Tivives beach once again for a morning “breakfast” ride. I enjoyed route 755 down there, especially because the White Cattle Egrets were all over two fields, on both sides of the road. Lovely sight. I still remember riding this road when it was not paved. I first went to Tabaris Restaurant in Caldera because I like their capuccinos, then headed over to Tivives.

The road into Tivives has a about 200 meters of loose gravel at the entrance, which is better packed now that it has started raining. Otherwise, it is paved, with dirt roads once in the cooperative. Sadly, the driftwood which made Tivives beach so unique is presently gone. Here is a photo of how it was:

I suppose it may return. But what a shock! High tides must have carried it all out to sea. (Photo below in the slideshow of what it is like now.)

(And, yes, I stopped on the same spot on the way home via La Ceiba to take a photo of Sahara with the trees I love. Hahaha!)

On Thursday, I went to Mastatal and Tulin with friends, but I already posted about that. Click here if you are curious.

Then, on Friday, my friend, Jose Alonso and I rode down to La Alegría de Siquirres to spend the night at Alex’s cabin there. We had a late breakfast at Bambu Restaurant past Earth Univesity on Route 32. I highly recommend it. Delicious. Because it was raining, we did not go for our planned ride to Turrialba, but stayed at the cabin where Alex made us baked Tilapia cooked in his wood stove. La Alegría is along route 415 which is presently closed due to road damage caused by severe rains a few weeks ago. It is a surprisingly lovely community set off a bit inland from route 32 to Limón.

The next day, Alex took us on a private tour of Earth University, which owns 3,300 Hectars of land. Wow. It has 500 hectars of bananas alone — and all the facilities a private university may need, including library, bank, clinic, gas station, housing for students and workers, laboratories, etc. It was an interesting tour, but not easy to obtain, since they have strict restrictions due to Covid 19. My sense of it was that it was a lonely place to live. But Alex says that is because of the lockdown. Dark times in human history. (I thank the universe daily for my motorcycles!)

Entrance to Earth University
Jose Alonso’s Honda Crosstourer. Me in front.

After the tour, we went to Alex’s house there in the grounds and had some delicious “Rice & Beans” cooked in coconut milk with chicken. Then, Jose Alonso and I rode home via route 32, suffocating in our rain gear because we thought the rain would continue, but it stopped as soon as we left. 🙂

Jose Alonso knows I love new routes, and he showed me a new one out of San Isidro: Calle Cantarrana. Always good to know alternate routes.

And, well, I also went on a ride on Sunday! Hahaha! As I said, I will write a separate post, because it was especially tranquil and fun, and once again I discovered new routes with my friend Robert. (Plus I don’t want this post to be too long.)

It seems I can’t get enough of riding. The peace, the fun, the joy, the adventure, the beauty seem to go on and on, in different ways, keeping it continually refreshing, interesting, and enlivening. I must be addicted! Hahaha!


May 2021

Song: Can’t get enough of your love baby.

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