Going out with a Bang! (Cascajal, Trinidad Vieja, Bajamar, Tarcoles River, and Route 319)

On Sunday, May 9th, I went on my last motorcycle ride for a while with my friend Robert. (On Wednesday, May 12th, I leave for Mexico for a hysterectomy (on Thursday). This means I will have to rest from riding for about two months, then slowly reintroduce my body to OFF ROAD RIDING! :-))

It was a beautiful morning! Especially appreciated after all the rains we have had lately.

Robert and I decided we would ride down to Bajamar via La Ceiba. However, at a Y in the road, we took a right to investigate. We went through Cascajal. This road follows the railroad track and has lots of little shacks around it. I liked the area and picturesque atmosphere very much.

At the end, where it met route 27, we continued straight towards Trinidad Vieja. Every time I see this crossing coming from Caldera, I am curious about it. I am glad that Robert likes to check out new routes like I do! Yay! This route is easy gravel with a nice viewpoint in the middle. However, it dead ends, so when we hit a large mud patch, we decided to turn around rather than wade through it.

We then headed out to Bajamar, to the right end point where one can see Tivives beach and the Jesus Maria river mouth.. Beautiful!!

I enjoyed our brief ride around this little Bajamar bluff on the narrow, rocky, dirt trail. Short and sweet fun!! Hahaha! (By the way, the lake in Bajamar is now full again, of course. It had been dry the last time we went.)

Then we took the little shortcut route over to Guacalillo. The little hill is once again getting full of ruts. I was happy to discover Soda Vista Mar before reaching Guacalillo for breakfast. We road straight to the end to the Tarcoles river.

Road out of Guacalillo in the beginning of the Green Season.

And, last and definitely NOT least, we then headed over to the Turrubares river, taking route 319 to San Pedro, where we headed to Route 27 on route 707 (all fully paved now, as I have mentioned before.)

I like Route 319. It is rocky gravel, with some rutted curves and nice views across to the Sulay quarry where riders often take photos of themselves with their motorcycles. I also like the view of Potenciana, but didn’t stop for photos.

We took a right on a lovely paved road but it dead-ended at about 500 meters. Hahaha!

I am most definitely curious about a road that goes UP to San Luis and aroud Potenciana. Hope we can take it in the summer. I saw it on Sunday and often see it on route 137 to Puriscal.

Anyhow, I had a delightful, easy, and relaxing time on Sunday. A special day. And, as I said, my last ride before I leave for Mexico on Wednesday for an operation on Thursday.

I have truly packed my days this year with what I most love to do before Wednesday: RIDE and keep on riding! 🙂


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Time for this song again! Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon, with Storm!

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