“Moving through beauty.” Nomination and Interview.


I have been nominated as an “Exemplary Motorcyclist” by the International Community of Exemplary Motorcyclists. This has been odd for me. A part of me feels like a fake. “If they only knew how bad I am on sharp, right turns! If they only knew how many times I have fallen this year! Hahaha! If they only knew how awkward I am moving Sahara around. If they only knew…” “The biker chicks are going to hate me.” Hahaha!

I did not want to receive this acknowledgement. My main fear is people thinking I am arrogant and a show off. (How to celebrate one’s successes and accomplishments without seeming so?) But a few friends told me to focus on what I can contribute. And I suppose it is NOT about being the best rider skill-wise, because in this regard, many others are far better. However, I can carry the message about the importance of proper gear, of taking courses to improve our skills, of being friendly to all motorcyclists (without class distinctions), and of riding as much as you can while you can. And I suppose for women motorcyclists, I do show them that they too can have fun on two wheels and go beyond their comfort zone.

For some reason, they chose this photo to present me. Definitely NOT my favorite, but at least it has my attempt to create a Honda hand-sign, the OK sign, which is perfect for Honda with the O and the Fingers as wings. I have given up coming up with one, but I still think it is a good idea. 🙂

Anyhow, here is the nomination on Facebook. LINK on my timeline and here it is on the Motero Ejemplar page.

It’s nice to see all the comments. Some are hilarious.

I am grateful to those who took the time to support me.

And, I am especially grateful to Felix Franco — Clever Rider — my riding teacher and Sensei, and good friend. The message I carry is all that he has taught me. Especially to keep smiling and having fun!

And of course, my Motorcycle Home Group, LOS REJUNTADOS!! Who have had to form two different Whatsapp chats cause of me and my dramas and traumas! Jajaja!

For some reason, I want to link to my “Yours Truly” page of this blog, perhaps because it captures the different stages of my motorcycling life.

Upon my return from surgery in Mexico, Julio Salazar come to my house to give me the certificate which I share in my next post.


The second thing I want to record here is an interview in which I was surprised to discover that MY SAFE PLACE IS RIDING MY MOTORCYCLE! Hahaha! Who would have thought that?! But it is true. Oddly.

In the interview about what sustains me, I mostly talk about motorcycle riding. No surprise, I suppose. 🙂 Here are some of my quotes:

“It’s been one of the greatest, most enlivening experiences of my life…to ride a motorcycle at these later years and behold the world unfold before me…It’s like moving through time and space and beauty. And that is the main thing….moving through beauty.”

“It’s a full body experience. Especially on dangerous or gravel roads. There is this intensity that really grounds you in the moment. So whatever heartache I am carrying…as soon as you are on these intense, very focused, full body being there, moving through this terrain, and having to survive the terrain if it is a rough and challenging terrain, everything inside you gets cleared. It’s like an excitement that fills you. When you are throughthe rough terrain all that is left is Joy. An intense joy of the whole experience and of having survived it if it was scary or challening.”

“An opening to the whole. You have to open to the whole to really function in that situation.”

“My power is my joy.”

I also talk about downhill riding! Hahaha! Shifting from the “Death Grip” to letting go with some control.

It is a long interview. I often wonder who would actually listen to these kinds of interviews besides the one being interviewed. Hahaha!

Here is the link.  https://www.activepause.com/noel-sustain/ Thanks to Serge Prengel for thinking of me for this interview.

Wow. I am so grateful to be enjoying the most wonderful years of my life, RIDING IN COSTA RICA!

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