Carpe Diem! (Turrialba Volcano)

I have had some great rides lately, but have been lazy about posting since they are not new routes. Since I up early at my hotel in Boca Tapada, I will post about two fun rides.

On Wednesday August 18th, the morning was gorgeous, so I decided to ride to the Turrialba volcano via the IrazĂș volcano. This is my favorite photo of that trip.

It was an awesome ride! I was delighted that I had seized the moment!

Here are more photos to show the beauty of the views.

The most amusing thing was seeing Daisy flowers along the way since in the morning my process included an image of one. Here is what I wrote:

Collapsed inside,
draped over her own wreckage,
Daisy between her teeth,
she breathes in the morning,
looking up at infinite skies,
“Where am I?”

The moon lost her.
She waits to be found.

Coming down the winding curves, I found a cheap restaurant where I had a full breakfast for under two dollars.

The day continued to be simply beautiful!!

On the way back, I decided to go to Cot via Llano Grande.

Half of this route has been fixed and painted. I enjoyed taking this alternate route.

I ended the ride with lunch at Tica’s Cafe in Atenas, fully satisfied.



Wednesday, August 18, 2021

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