Northern Beauty (Boca Tapada)

On Saturday, August 21, a few friends and I took an overnight trip to Laguna del Lagarto Lodge in Boca Tapada, San Carlos.

We first headed over to Laguna de Hule for breakfast. The road in from Cinchona is quite rough and rocky, but the view of the lake is well worth it. I can’t count how many times I have been there this year! Hahaha! Life is good!

Leaving Laguna de Hule

After breakfast we rode down to Colonia del Toro, then Río Cuarto, and took a gravel road to Pital and beyond. This Northern part of the country has sweet rolling hills, often hugged by pineapple plantations. We were lucky to have nice weather for there had been a yellow alert the night before.

Henry’s pulperia. Henry is the night guard and night tour guide of Laguna del Lagarto Lodge.
This innocent-looking hill was quite a challenge for me. My bike was all over the place! I don’t know what happened. Fortunately, I did not fall, but sure came close.

After lunch at the lodge we went for a walk in the forest trails and canoeing on the lagoon. We saw Tapir footprints, red frogs, and Spider monkeys. I haven’t walked in years, so was happy that my first walk was in such a lovely environment. And the boat ride on the lagoon was pleasantly peaceful.

In the morning, we enjoyed all the many birds seen feeding in front of the balcony of the lodge. Such fun!!

Then Robert, Fritz, and I walked down to the little hill to check it out. It looked just fine to ride, especially on the left. Perhaps what had happened was that I was thrown over to the worst part of the road, and the rough sensation was due to the fact that I had ridden up while sitting, rather than standing. With these Tractionator tires and Sahara, it is best to stand up while riding rocky roads uphill.

We once again got nice weather as we rode up to where the San Carlos river meets the San Juan River. Nicaragua was right on the other side.

Photos of rivers and of us taken from Ignacio’s drone.

Our friend Dani slipped riding over a wooden bridge. To not get in the way, I ate a Snickers bar that Robert had gifted me while the guys fixed his bike enough for him to ride. 🙂

And off we went, heading back home under the lovely clouds of San Carlos.

We rode through the small town of Santa Rita to Río Cuarto, a lovely little, picturesque route. Restaurants were full, but we found a nice spot for lunch at Cinchona. (And, yes, we hit rain and fog.)

Yeah! It was wonderful to ride new routes with good friends and to experience the rolling hills and flat roads of the Northern part of the country. Good vibes all around. Thanks to Robert and Fritz for organizing this fun trip.

Letting the good times roll!

Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power.

Sahara, Honda CB 500XA

Date of ride: Saturday/Sunday, August 21 and 22, 2021

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