Carretera Cañuelas

I decided to take Sahara to Honda San Ramón this morning to have them clean and grease her chain. I wanted to check out a few things.

As an early riser and motorcycle afficcionado, I chose to go to the Mirador de Naranjo restaurant for breakfast first. I wanted to check out a new route.

View Mirador Restaurant

After breakfast I headed over to Carretera Cañuelas to go to San Ramón rather than take my usual route 703. I will post photos of its lovely views.

Needless to say, I was delighted!

I was also delighted with Honda San Ramón. Happy to have the gas and clutch cables lubricated, which I thought had been done two weeks ago. I also had the chain cleaned and greased, and other minor repairs. Jose, the mechanic, is a likeable guy. Good vibes.

Yes, I resisted eating cake with my cappuccino as I waited.

They washed and waxed Sahara. It was like she had been at the beauty parlor.🤣

I think I will make this a monthly ritual. Honda San Ramón and nearby routes.


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