“Yo no la embarcaría.” (Grifo Alto to Purires)

After having fun riding with Robert and Fritz to Playa Hermosa, Mastatal (Route 318), and Puriscal via 239, I decided to check out a new route in Grifo Alto. I had seen this downhill right turn many times on route 137 and was curious to see where it led. So down I went!

I stopped an old man and asked where it went. He said Purires. I asked if it was safe. He said yes. When he saw my hesitation, he said, “Yo no la embarcaría,” meaning, he wouldn’t get me in trouble. Since he didn’t say “With that bike, no problem,” 🤣😂 I knew it was probably OK. So I continued on my way.

Left or right? 🤣 Fortunately, I had signal to check on maps.

There was one downhill part that was a bit challenging because it had fresh, loose, rocky gravel on it, and it was steep, but fortunately it was short, and I got past it OK. The rest of the route was dirt, with most of the down or uphill parts paved with concrete slabs.

I came out on pavement way sooner than expected.
Route 137, near San Pablo

What a fun alternate route to San Pablo! (When the ground is dry.)

I headed home via route 707 up to Guacimo, taking the new shortcut I found to route 3.

Shortcut to route 3.

I was happy to be on Storm because with her I can be more daring. With Sahara I am shy about exploring unknown routes. Overall it was another great day, riding with friends and daring to go beyond my comfort zone. Love it!!


Date of ride, Sunday, August 29, 2021

PS: We detoured off route 239 onto route 224 to check out the road to Sur and Bijagual, but, sadly, we couldn’t go far because I was low on gasoline. Can’t wait to check it out in the summer!

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