Riding Cerro Dragón

Years ago, I accidentally took Calle Abejonal-San Francisco on a ride. I remember the stress of the last downhill curves on gravel before happily and unexpectedly arriving on route 226. Yesterday, my friend Robert and I decided to go check it out to head over to San Francisco de Leon Cortez and down to La Legua. I wanted to enjoy the views from up there.

After breakfast at La Casa del Cafe, we headed over to the first right after a statue of a virgin. The first part with the uphill curves is now paved and the rest is hard-packed gravel. Lovely, easy little route.

Nice views. It was super cool to see the back side of Cerro Dragón, to where we were headed.

Backside of Cerro Dragón

We wound our way over to San Francisco.

Route 313 to La Legua from San Francisco is rocky gravel. The views are spectacular.

As usual, photos cannot capture the beauty, nor breadth of the wide, beautiful vistas.

Then we came to the dreaded steep, rutted, gravel, hairpin curves down to La Legua, which I had done once before.😬🤣 I was not in top shape throughout the ride because I had not slept well the night before, so I was a bit stressed out. Slow and easy, though, down I went, as delighted and relieved as the first time to reach La Legua!

Lots more curves awaited as we headed down to Monterry and up to Tabarca, and home.

Robert and I were both pleased that we had enjoyed such a gorgeous route on a morning with clear blue skies. What luck!! Such a fun adventure! Can’t wait till we head over to this area again, hopefully to ride down to Parrita.



Date of ride: Thursday, September, 16, 2021

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