Higher Perspectives. (Los Robles de Alajuela. )

I love it that this month I have ridden mountain tops and enjoyed the views and glory of being there, above the world and above my life. It’s an awesome feeling.

Yesterday, I rode to Los Robles de Alajuela

First, I went via Palmares to San Ram贸n. I wanted to take a new route to San Isidro, but missed it, and continued to Alto Villegas (route 703), where it was cold and foggy for the first half.

El Mirador Restaurant was closed so I backtracked to Llano Bonito to a little restaurant called Soda El Llano. Decent food, not hot enough coffee. 馃檪 I like mine scalding.

I have been eating breakfast out so much, I am not only gaining weight, but am getting tired of eating eggs. 馃槀

I then headed to route 709. I was thrilled by the beauty of the day. I wanted to check out San Jer贸nimo and take a loop that I have wanted to do for years.

The road to San Jer贸nimo looks like it has been recently paved.

Up I went to Los Robles, hoping to head back down the other side to Calle Sabanilla, but a local guy told me it was a difficult rocky road with steep parts, so I turned around at the crossroad.

Maybe in the summer I can ride up Calle Sabanilla with friends.

In any case, it’s always a joy to check out new routes.

The morning ride did me well, and I was ready to face the hospital lines in Alajuela, where I went to make appointments for my mother.

Yeah!! How I wish I could inhabit my higher self all the time and enjoy a higher perspective on life’s situations all the time. But life is life, and we are human, with human feelings. Thank God I have a motorcycle where I can truly enjoy the FEEL of


Date of ride: Monday, September 20, 2021

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