605 to Guacimal (And trip round lake Arenal)

I do keep myself amused with the silly riding mistakes I make. Today, I missed the right turn to go up to Monteverde, and realized it immediately, but decided to keep riding to take the next right.

All along, I thought I was on the Las Juntas road to Monteverde. I was surprised at how solitary it was. It was mostly tree covered and somewhat narrow as it wound its way up to Guacimal.

It was not till I got home and looked at the map that I realized it was not the Las Juntas road, but the small route 605. 🤣

I still want to do the Las Juntas one!! 😁

Anyhow…I connected to Guacimal and continued up to Monteverde, once again appreciating the fantastic views on the way.

After breakfast, I went to Tilaran. As I mentioned in a previous post, this road is now paved and now without the fine gravel on top. It was fun to wind my way over to the lake.

At Nuevo Arenal, I stopped for a snacks at the German bakery before heading to La Fortuna and home via route 702 to San Ramón.

I never get tired of seeing the Arenal volcano. The thrill is definitely not gone!

I hit heavy rains on the first and last part of my journey home. And noticed many roads I would like to check out. Fingers crossed!!

Los Angeles de San Ramón

Though I have not been sleeping well again these days, it was great to do this trip on a Thursday during the rainy season. There were hardly any cars on the road. Can’t wait till summer though. These heavy rains get old.

Wind therapy. It’s good for the soul.


September 23, 2021

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