Thanks to my friend Bernard, whom I affectionately call Balu from the Jungle Book bear, I finally made it to Providencia with what felt like The Big Boys: a group of big, tall guys with big, fast bikes (and little old me on little Storm!🤣).

B. Bhurs certified route

I was happy to see my friend Yamil join us for breakfast, for we have ridden together many times. He has a Honda CRF 250.

The road to Providencia is hard-packed gravel.

It is easy and scenic and winds its way down the forested mountain. The curves are easier than they look on the map because they are not steep as in La Legua.

From Providencia we continued to go check out a lovely little waterfall with a great pool. Next time I go I will take a bathing suit. Nice views on the way.


We then headed towards Copey. On a curve, Yamil’s gas throttle got stuck and he flew right up an embankment. Scary! Fortunately, he was OK.

Shortly after, someone’s tire slipped off the rim from having too low pressure. After about 45 minutes, they moved to the shade, as my Sensei Felix says is the first thing one should do.🤣

I know it is rude to abandon a group, but when I heard they had to take the bike to town and maybe remove the tire to fix it, I decided it was best to go. I did not want to get home too late. Though Mom is OK with the caretaker, she is happier when I am around.

So Yamil and I continued our journey up and up and up, curve after curve. I am not that skilled on uphill switchbacks, but I did it.😅 I waited for Yamil at the top.

This route is awesome. One gets to the top of the world, then rides a narrow, rocky road on the side of cliff edges, with a drop off, and which obviously has lots of rock slides. Cool!

We hit heavy fog however, so missed what must be fantastic vistas. Though it was mystical, for some reason, I did not want to delay for photos. I just wanted to get through it.

Past the cliffs. Wider road.

The route down to Copey is not steep.

We stopped for lunch at Casa del Cafe in San Isidro.

I like riding with Yamil. It is great fun. I can go as fast as I like, and he keeps right up with me, close. It feels like we are riding together. I trust his skills, so don’t feel nervous with his proximity. I like this feeling.

I made it home right before 4 pm, so it was almost a 10-hour day. I was glad I had left the group, as I heard they had three additional flats and a broken box frame. Wow. Murphys Law at work.

Another exciting adventure


Saturday, September 25, 2021

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