Alternate Routes and Loops (Calle San Juan de Dios).

I had a fun morning riding to breakfast in Caldera and back home.

I took the route that goes through La Ceiba. At the moment there are lots of muddy spots along this route due to the heavy rains.

I then went right at the Y to Cascajal.

At the end of the route to Cascajal, I veered right to a route that is parallel to route 27 that said it lead to Jesús Maria, but it dead-ended into a little trail.

After breakfast in Restaurant Tabaris, on my way home via route 755 and 131, at Jesus María, I took two loops to the left, one which I had already taken (Calle Carmona).

Calle Carmona

I like to simply to enjoy the beauty and peace of these country roads.

The second one is paved on the way up and connects to calle San Juan de Dios.

I wanted to continue up along Calle Jesus Maria at the top to go to Dulce Nombre and Maderal, but a woman told me I had to cross a a river, so I decided to go back down to the right.

This road back down to route 131 is gravel up to a gorgeous little river, to which I hope to return soon wearing my bathing suit and with company. I also hope to go all the way to the river the woman mentioned to see what it’s like. Yes, with friends. 🤞

In San Mateo I asked a man if it was true that the road up to Berlin was paved. He said yes. I hope to do it tomorrow if I can convince my friend Robert to explore it with me.

Oh my God is it ever fun to explore new routes!! The only thing is that with Sahara, my CB 500x, I am not as daring as I would be on my Tornado. Nevertheless, a little adventure is better than none.


Feel the beauty. Know the love.


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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