Breathing Free Again! Zapatón

My mother died unexpectedly a week ago today, and I am grateful that the deeply painful weight on my chest has lifted. I was able to enjoy a delightful ride to Zapatón and Bijagual today with my friends Cristian and Robert.

Breakfast at Soda Pura Vida in Guarumal, Rt. 239.

The road into Zapatón is hard-packed easy gravel.

The views are awesome. No surprise!

There’s a little restaurant at the top which opens at 6 am and where one can hire a guide to El Rey waterfall, which we often see as we ride the route through Mastatal to San Miguel and down to the river Pirris.

We rode past the bridge and down some rocky curves, but decided to turn around since we didn’t know how it was ahead. I do want to see how far down one can go towards the Pirris River.

We stopped by the Pirris river briefly, then headed over to 239 to go to Vista Mar, Gamalotillo, and Tulin for drinks.

Bar at Tulin river.

I so enjoyed this trip, despite the rain we hit on the way home. I once again thought how absolutely wonderful it is to be able to ride these kinds of roads…AWESOME!


Saturday, October 16th, 2021

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