Riding High! Grano de Oro via Orosi

What a thrill it is to continue to ride new routes! And especially high ones with great views.

Yesterday, my friends Luis Fabian and his girlfriend, Gaby, my friend Adrian, and I did three routes that were new to me. Yay!! First, we went to El Tejar via La Colina (past the old dump, Río Azul) and Coris. All new to me!

Our guide, Luis Fabian

I enjoyed the Coris route and hope I can find it again. Nice views up there.

We then took a winding, narrow road from Lourdes to Orosi. Wow!! Lovely.

The only problem was the hundreds and hundreds of cyclists. Hahaha! Sundays are now full of them since the Pandemic restrictions limit people’s ability to drive.

There was a lot of fine gravel and hairpin curves on this lovely little route, and my back tire was bald, so I felt a bit insecure. And perhaps due to riding all day the day before to Zapatón! Hahaha!

We crossed the Rio Perlas in Navarro before entering Orosi. Here is a video of me crossing it. 🙂

After a delicious breakfast in Orosi I regained some confidence.

We stopped along the way by the Cachi dam, then we headed over to La Suiza, via Tucurrique.

From La Suiza, we finally wound our way up to Grano de Oro. How thrilling it is to start on a new route!

The first part of route 414 to Grano de Oro is paved.

My friend, Adrian.

Then it turns into hard-packed gravel, parts of it pretty rocky (but not loose).

There are lots of curves down and up to cross the Bajo Pacuare river.

Yes, the views were absolutely awesome!

And what a surprise it was to discover that Grano de Oro is an Altiplano!! I was stunned. A whole community exists up there on flat land bordering a huge rice field.

This and a few other photos by Adrian

We rode a little ways past town. We decided to return soon, but making sure we leave early to have a whole day to explore — to go down to the Chirripo River and to Alto Quetzal.

Happy with our adventure we headed back down.

We stopped by my friend’s Fabricio’s convenience store in La Suiza. We gifted me with a T-shirt he had made for me and my Honda CB 500x, Sahara.

We hit hard, cold rains, and the ride home in the dark, soaked and freezing, was really difficult for me. But, I made it home, happy to have had still another awesome adventure


Sunday, October 17, 2021.

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