Exhilarating! Calle Humo y Manglares

Yesterday I headed out to Esparza to check out a new road I have been curious about for a while. And yes, it is true that I enjoy looking at Google maps to discover new routes.

I took this new road, route 25, to Esparza thinking it might be gravel, but it was paved. Nothing special, just different.

Then I went to Calle Humo. I wanted to ride it it all the way down to its end. The first part is paved.

And then it turned into easy gravel, in some parts quite narrow, making me wonder if I was going to get myself in trouble. 😅

I love these kinds of roads.

At an intersection, I asked a man which way to Caldera, and he said left. This took me to route 622. Bummer. I will have to return with friends to go straight.

Nearing Salinas, I decided to take the railroad-track road over to 27.

I almost fell crossing over the rail once, and the second time I simply could not do it. 🤣 Sahara is too big for me to manipulate her easily. Fortunately, a man and his son came to the rescue. ❤ Wish I had had a Milan de Menta chocolate to gift them!

I continued on, through Manglares, and back to pavement.

After stomping the mud off my boots, I had breakfast at Tabaris restaurant again in Caldera. I like the outdoor seating and cappuccinos.

I felt so exhilarated! Three new routes in one morning! Yay!

On my way home, my heart was broken that a tree I loved had been cut down. Yes, I quietly cried. Mutilated trees are part of the roadkill I witness.

I hope to return to Calle Humo with friends to ride it to the end. I am delighted to continue to find new routes . Thrilling!


Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power.

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