Venado Caves

As a child I was left behind in a large cave in Mexico. I went with my eldest sister and her friends and they forgot about me. It was pitch black, and I had to touch the wall blindly, and keep moving forward, terrified.This has been one of those memories to which I return when I can´t figure out why I get so distressed when people leave me behind on the road. Hahaha! So, needless to say, I had a bit of trepidation as I headed over to Cavernas del Venado with Daniel Zuñig from Aventuras de un Motero and a few of his friends.

Calle La Libertad in San Mateo

I decided to go to San Ramón via the new route from La Libertad de San Mateo to Llano Brenes.

Calle La Libertad

This road is paved with easy curves. I like it more than going through Palmares and will probably use it more to go to San Ramón. It has great views. On my way I saw an unpaved road on the left that I hope to take with friends in the summer.

Coming down from Berlín, San Ramon below.

I met my friends at La Choza de Doña Emilce in Los Angeles de San Ramón for breakfast. Great natilla (sour cream). 🙂

View Los Angeles
At Los Lagos Route 702

We then headed over to route 4 and Jicarito to take a left towards Venado on route 734/Venado. I love this road. I did it earlier this year with JAS Riders. The first part is paved and goes up and down on soft hills before turning into loose gravel. Gorgeous area. Clip of the group, with Daniel and Maricruz, Fidel, Angel, Michael, and Gabriel. Nice team!

The Venado (Deer) Cave was fun, but also quite a workout One has to squeeze through tight spaces and crawl on ones hands and knees. At one point, the guide invited us to turn off our lights so we could experience the absolute dark. I did sense how it was for me as a child, but I made sure to touch others, and all was well. Hahaha!

Out! And soaking wet!

We had lunch in the cute town of Venado. I was starved! (First photo below shows Arenal volcano peeking out under a cloud. This is how the road is once past the paved part. I wanted to keep going to Nuevo Arenal, but didn´t want to go alone. I think I am losing much of my courage. Hahaha!

I rode ahead of the group and reached a spot where I could see Nicaragua and one of its volcanoes on the left, and the Arenal volcano on the right. Super cool! I must return to this route!! Soon.

Route 4.

We were happy that the view of the Arenal volcano cleared on our way home.

The ride home in the dark was really hard on me. I simply don´t see, especially on curves. From San Ramón to Atenas, I rode in the rain. Too scary for me. I had planned on staying in La Fortuna to avoid this, and had packed an overnight bag, but decided to ride home with the group. Next time, I will not. There is a section of the road to Atenas that was totally black with no markings, and it is a tough uphll curvy part. Not worth it for me to come home when it means going through this kind of stress.

BUT, despite this, it was, of course, another GREAT DAY, having fun on the magical roads of Costa Rica. I wish I could just go on and on sometimes!! I would love to spend three or more days exploring this Northern part of the country.


Storm! My Honda XR 250 Tornado.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

(Thanks to Daniel Zuñiga for another fun adventure and for some of these photos.)

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  1. I remember going to the caves a few years ago the road was not paved. There was a huge-tall tree (probably a Ceibo) that amazed me. Thank you for sharing!

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