Letting the good times roll!

I haven’t been posting my rides lately because they are all repeats. And because I can’t keep up with myself!! Hahaha!

I will add two trips to this post.

Last Saturday I had a fun ride with the Moteros CR group of Daniel Zuñiga to Tulin and Bijagual.

On the way we ran into some of my other friends who were on a trip with the BNW group. I was delighted to see Dave, Robert, and Jose, and to meet Tilo, whom I know from a WhatsApp CB 500 group. For some reason, they wanted me in their photo, so there I am! Hahaha!

Later, Tilo gave me a nice compliment, which was good for my soul, given that I illogically still suffer from low self worth.

Below I share a few photos from the trip. I did not take many because I already have tons. 🤣 The first one is of a rock that had landed in the middle of the road on route 239. Gotta love it! The road was slippery with lots of mud due to it having been recently scraped.

It was a fun ride to Tulin and then Bijagual. We ended with lunch at Tiko Restaurant, which has incredible views of the Pacific coast and Carara National Park. Lovely!!

The next day, Sunday, Robert and I decided to take an easy ride to Bajos del Toro. But, it started raining in Poasito, so we had breakfast and headed down to highway one. Robert said “You go first.” I love it when he lets me guide us down roads I know — as well as to explore new ones! We went to Santa Gertrudis Sur, then through Tacares and La Argentina. Nice to ride by the sugar can fields and rustic, little wooden houses of La Argentina.

On route 1, I took a unknown exit wanting to end up on the left side of the highway, and we somehow ended up on Route 715 to Zaragoza, much to our surprise. Hahaha!

Route 715

The downhill, rutted part of route 715 is worse than ever! 😅 But we made it through without problems. Fun!

Then on Route 1, Robert agreed to go left with me to check out a road I wanted to try. Unfortunately, when it started to go downhill and full of ruts, Robert preferred we not continue because we were both on heavy motorcycles. So we painfully turned them around, with me helping to pull back. My arms were sore the next day.🤣 Not easy to turn on these narrow trails, unlike with Storm which I can spin on the footpeg. In any case, it was fun to explore!!

I asked him if he had ever been to San Jerónimo de Esparza. He said no, and we headed over! Yay! Another surprise!!🤣

The views were lovely. When we got to the crossing for Sabana Bonita, we decided to go check it out.

WOW!! The view of the coast was stunning! How I wanted to buy a piece of land right there!! Hahaha! This road goes to Miramar. We will be going in a week or so. Can’t wait!!

I am extremely grateful and happy to have a riding buddy like Robert who is willing to go exploring with me. It makes riding all that much more fun and adventurous!

I have two more days to share with you!!🤣 Coming soon.


Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th of November, 2021.

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